Korina Harrison: Biography, Divorce, Net Worth and Age

Korina Harrison

There’s a mystique surrounding Korina Harrison, known as Kiki, that intrigues many. Her brief marriage to Corey Harrison from “Pawn Stars” catapulted her into the public eye, but her life remains shrouded in privacy. Despite the fascination that surrounds her, details about her personal life before and after the high-profile marriage are closely guarded. Let’s investigate into the biography, divorce, net worth, and age of Korina Harrison to shed light on who she truly is.

Early Life and Background

Birthplace and Early Childhood

At first glance, the life of Korina Harrison, known affectionately as Kiki, seems shrouded in mystery. Born and raised in the sunny city of San Diego, California, Korina exudes an air of intrigue and elegance. Her upbringing in the vibrant coastal city likely shaped her character and values, hinting at a blend of American roots with a potential touch of Greek heritage, as suggested by her name.

Educational Background

Korina’s educational background remains a topic of interest due to her penchant for privacy. Little is known about her academic journey, but given her career as an executive assistant in Las Vegas, it can be inferred that she possesses a solid educational foundation. The specific details of her educational achievements are not readily available to the public, underscoring her preference for maintaining a low profile in certain aspects of her life.

Early in her career, Korina demonstrated a knack for administrative roles, securing a position as an executive assistant in Las Vegas, a city known for its bustling entertainment and business scene. Her expertise in this field likely contributed to her successful professional endeavors and could indicate a strong educational background in business or administration. Despite the lack of specific information, her career trajectory suggests a solid foundation in her chosen field.

Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage


This section of Korina Harrison’s life probes into her ethnicity and cultural heritage, offering insight into the roots that may have influenced her unique persona. Raised in California with potential ties to Greek ancestry, Korina’s diverse background adds layers to her enigmatic charm. The fusion of American and possibly Greek heritage provides a rich tapestry of cultural influences that shape her identity.

This exploration of Korina’s ethnicity and cultural heritage underscores the richness and complexity of her background. While maintaining a level of privacy, these elements offer a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of her identity. There’s a sense of depth and tradition in her heritage that adds an intriguing dimension to her persona.

Korina Harrison

Relationship with Corey Harrison

Meeting and Courtship

Little is known about how Korina Harrison, affectionately known as Kiki, and Corey Harrison first crossed paths. The details of their initial meeting remain a mystery, as both kept their relationship under wraps during the early stages of their courtship. Despite the lack of public knowledge about their romantic beginnings, their decision to commit to each other eventually led to a private wedding ceremony.

Marriage Details

Any further information about their courtship and engagement remains undisclosed. However, Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison exchanged vows on May 26, 2017, in a small ceremony held in Korina’s hometown of San Diego, California. The intimate event was attended only by their closest family members, highlighting the couple’s preference for privacy.

Marriage is a significant milestone in the lives of both individuals, symbolizing their commitment and love for each other. Despite their strong bond, conflicting schedules and demanding professional lives eventually took a toll on their union, leading to their mutual decision to part ways after just a year of marriage.

Public Life as Corey Harrison’s Spouse

On the public front, Korina Harrison entered the spotlight as Corey Harrison’s wife, a well-known figure from the hit TV show “Pawn Stars.” Their high-profile status drew interest from fans and followers alike, intrigued by the couple’s relationship and personal dynamics. Despite the attention, Korina maintained a sense of privacy surrounding her family life and personal affairs, adding to the intrigue surrounding her role as Corey’s spouse.

Plus, the dissolution of their marriage in 2018 and subsequent divorce filing by Corey shed light on the challenges faced by the couple behind the scenes. Despite the separation, both individuals expressed mutual respect and lasting affection for each other, emphasizing their enduring friendship and goodwill post-divorce.

The Divorce

Many relationships face challenges, and unfortunately, Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison were not exempt from that reality. The reasons behind their divorce, though not extensively publicized, were believed to be linked to conflicting work schedules and the strains that came with their high-profile careers.

Causes of Separation

With their demanding professional lives in the limelight, Korina and Corey found it difficult to balance their marriage with their work commitments. The constant juggling of schedules and responsibilities eventually took its toll on their relationship, leading to a mutual decision to part ways.

Divorce Proceedings and Settlement

Proceedings surrounding Korina and Corey’s divorce were swift, with Corey officially filing for divorce in August 2018. The legal process concluded by September 10, 2018, marking the formal end of their marriage. Despite the separation, both parties expressed mutual respect and love for each other, highlighting their amicable approach to the dissolution of their union.

Understanding that divorce is a difficult and emotional process for all involved, it is commendable that Korina and Corey were able to handle their separation maturely and with respect. Their ability to navigate such a challenging period in their lives with grace speaks volumes about their character and integrity.

Korina Harrison’s Career

Career Before Meeting Corey Harrison

With a background in executive assistance in Las Vegas, California, Korina Harrison established herself in a professional capacity before meeting Corey Harrison. Her role typically commanded a salary ranging from $60,000 to $90,000 annually in the United States. Prior to her marital relationship with Corey, Korina had already been making strides in her career, showcasing her competence in administrative roles.

Professional Achievements and Endeavors

Before delving into the public eye through her connection with Corey Harrison, Korina Harrison had demonstrated a strong work ethic and proficiency in her field. Her professional achievements were evident in her role as an executive assistant, where she honed her organizational and managerial skills. Throughout her career, she paved the way for success through her dedication and commitment to her work.

Korina Harrison’s professional endeavors were characterized by her adeptness in administrative tasks and her ability to excel in a demanding role.

Current Occupational Pursuits

The current occupational pursuits of Korina Harrison remain somewhat of a mystery, as specific details about her post-divorce career path are scarce. However, given her background and experience as an executive assistant, it is plausible that she has continued to build upon her professional foundation in the administrative field. Leveraging her skills and expertise gained in previous roles, Korina may be pursuing new opportunities or advancements within her industry.

The trajectory of Korina Harrison’s current career path is shaped by her proficiency in administrative roles and her commitment to professional growth and development.


Pregnancy and Birth of Her Son

With Korina Harrison’s pregnancy announcement in March 2018, excitement filled the air for the couple. Their son, Richard Benjamin Harrison, was born in October 2018, marking a joyous and significant turning point in Korina’s life.

Co-Parenting with Corey Harrison

Any couple facing divorce, especially with a child involved, must navigate the waters of co-parenting together. Despite their separation, Korina and Corey Harrison remained focused on providing a stable and loving environment for their son. Communication and mutual respect were crucial elements in their co-parenting journey.

Co-Parenting: The Harrisons successfully managed to prioritize their son’s well-being above all else, demonstrating maturity and a shared commitment to their child’s happiness.

Impact of Motherhood on Her Life

One of the greatest blessings in Korina Harrison’s life has been becoming a mother. Motherhood has brought immense joy and fulfillment, reshaping her priorities, and influencing her decisions moving forward.

Plus: Becoming a mother has added a new dimension to Korina’s life, instilling in her a sense of purpose and responsibility that she cherishes deeply.

Net Worth and Financial Standing

Pre-Divorce Financial Status

Financially speaking, Korina Harrison was well-positioned before her divorce from Corey Harrison. With her background as an executive assistant in Las Vegas and a potential earning range of $60,000 to $90,000 annually in the United States, she had established a stable financial foundation for herself.

Settlement and Financial Adjustments Post-Divorce

Settlement-wise, Korina Harrison navigated the financial realm with grace after the dissolution of her marriage to Corey Harrison in 2018. The divorce proceedings led to necessary financial adjustments, given Corey’s estimated net worth of $4 million. Despite the challenges of a high-profile split, Korina ensured she received what was rightfully hers in the settlement.

It also brought about a need for her to reassess her financial standing and make adjustments. This included potentially reevaluating investments, property ownership, and other aspects of her financial portfolio to secure her financial future.

Career Contributions to Net Worth

In terms of career contributions to her net worth, Korina Harrison’s work as an executive assistant would have played a significant role. Leveraging her skills in administrative roles, she likely continued to build on her career post-divorce, potentially increasing her income and overall financial stability.

This career path could have provided her with the opportunity to make adjustments to her financial goals and aspirations, ensuring that she remains financially secure and independent in the aftermath of her high-profile divorce.

Public Appearance and Media

Presence in Media Post-Divorce

After her high-profile divorce from Corey Harrison, Korina Harrison’s public presence in the media significantly decreased. While she may have made appearances at events or in tabloids immediately following the split, her focus shifted towards maintaining a lower profile. The media landscape can be unforgiving, especially towards public figures going through personal challenges.

Handling Public Scrutiny and Paparazzi

On the rare occasions when Korina Harrison does step into the public eye, she faces the relentless scrutiny of paparazzi and tabloids. Despite her efforts to maintain privacy, her every move is closely followed and dissected by the media. An attempt to preserve a semblance of normalcy in the wake of her divorce can be challenging when faced with the prying lenses and invasive questions of paparazzi.

An individual’s private life can quickly become fodder for public consumption, with tabloids often sensationalizing or misrepresenting personal details. This constant exposure to the media can take a toll on one’s mental and emotional well-being, making it crucial for public figures like Korina to navigate the media landscape with caution.

Privacy and Public Image Management

Media scrutiny can shape public perception, influencing how individuals are perceived and portrayed in the public eye. For Korina Harrison, maintaining control over her privacy and public image has become a top priority. In the aftermath of her divorce and subsequent media attention, managing her image effectively has become vital to safeguarding her personal life from unwanted intrusion.


A strategic approach to handling media inquiries, prioritizing privacy, and carefully curating public appearances can help individuals like Korina Harrison maintain a sense of autonomy over their personal lives. Despite the challenges of navigating a media-centric world, establishing boundaries and managing public image can contribute to a healthier relationship with the media and the public.

Korina Harrison Now

Personal Growth and Development

Your personal growth and development are crucial aspects of Korina Harrison’s current journey. With a background in executive assistance and private nature, she is likely focusing on furthering her career and honing her skills in the administrative field. Leveraging her experience and expertise, Korina is undoubtedly working towards personal growth and development in her professional life.

Relationships and Social Life

To shed some light on Korina Harrison now, her relationships and social life have taken on a new dynamic post-divorce from Corey Harrison, the reality TV personality. While specifics remain undisclosed, it is evident that Korina is navigating this new chapter with strength and resilience. Her ability to maintain privacy and handle personal relationships with grace showcases her maturity and introspective nature.

To keep her current relationships and social life under wraps implies a deliberate choice to prioritize personal growth and possibly shield loved ones from unnecessary public scrutiny. It demonstrates a keen sense of self-awareness and a desire to protect what matters most in her life.

Philanthropic Efforts and Social Causes

Causes highlighting philanthropic efforts and social causes present opportunities for growth and impact in Korina Harrison’s life. While details may be scarce, it is not surprising if she channels her energy towards supporting causes close to her heart. Perhaps she engages in charitable endeavors or lends her voice to social issues that resonate with her values and beliefs.


Conclusively, Korina Harrison’s biography provides insight into her life before and after her high-profile marriage to Corey Harrison. Despite the brief nature of their union, Korina’s privacy and mystery have kept her in the public eye. Her career as an executive assistant and her role as a mother to a son named Richard Benjamin Harrison showcases her multifaceted life.

With her net worth unknown and her ex-husband Corey Harrison’s successful career in the spotlight, Korina’s story continues to intrigue many. Her resilience, privacy, and dedication to her family are elements that define her character beyond her celebrity connections. As she continues to navigate life post-divorce, Korina Harrison remains a figure of interest, with her future endeavors open to speculation and curiosity.


Who is Korina Harrison?

Korina Harrison, also known as Kiki, is a celebrity known for her brief marriage to Corey Harrison, a star from the TV show “Pawn Stars.”

What is Korina Harrison’s background?

Korina Harrison was born and raised in San Diego, California, with roots hinting at a Greek heritage. She led a low-key lifestyle before gaining public attention.

When did Korina Harrison get married and divorced?

Korina Harrison married Corey Harrison in May 2017 in a private ceremony in San Diego. The couple divorced in September 2018 due to conflicting schedules and work demands.

What is Korina Harrison’s current net worth?

Korina Harrison’s net worth is not publicly known. Her ex-husband, Corey Harrison, has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Does Korina Harrison have children?

Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison have a son named Richard Benjamin Harrison, born in October 2018. Despite their divorce, they both share the responsibility of being parents to their children.

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